Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Pandemic Housing Market is Serendipitous

The housing market has not slowed down despite the pandemic. From what I have been told, the market is great for sellers due to the low inventory and great for buyers because of the low-interest rates. That alone is serendipity! Today’s Sip of Serendipity is my mom’s story of finding her forever home. 

By tax standards, she is not a first-time buyer because her name was on the title of the home I grew up in. She was more of an observer of the process. My stepdad, Joe, had the experience of buying a house before, so he handled most of the buying process.

A couple of years after Joe passed away, my mom started to look for where she would want to move to. She knew it wasn’t going to be anywhere near Fairfax County or any other congested county. She wanted space to breathe and Be. She started looking at online sites, like Zillow. 

A sweet yellow house showed up in her recommendations. Despite it being outside her budget, she looked at the pictures anyway. It had unique characteristics, much like my mom, and had her dream wrap around porch. Soon after she discovered it, my brother, Adam, showed her what he found to be a sweet yellow house in the mountains, the same house she was admiring. 

The house was outside their budget, with a deep sigh they continued their search. They visited many homes that paled in comparison. There were two occasions they found houses they liked almost as much. Mom was outbid on both of them. After losing the second house, she said she wasn’t worried because the second house was even better than the first. 

Mom was starting to feel like she was never going to find anything when she got an email from Zillow with a list of houses that had recently dropped in price. The sweet yellow house was there! The reduced price was below her budget. Adam and her visited the house, it was beyond their expectations. On the way, numerous synchronicities paved the way. For example, in the neighborhood, there were street names of people and places we know and love. On her way home, she made an offer. She bid high, she was not going to be outbid this time!

Even though this first time home buyer loved this house and didn’t want to see it go, she stood firm on her negotiations when the seller didn’t agree. Finally, agreements were made and the house was Mom’s.

On her first day as a homeowner, she was walking around the house and property. She discovered serendipitous synchronicities that gave her goosebumps. The garden has butterfly decorations, her mom’s favorite. A weathervane that reminds her of her best friend’s home in the Chesapeake. On a hike we took around the edge of her property is a boulder that I am looking forward to climbing! The deck furniture that was left behind is just like the deck furniture we used to have at the old house. 

Synchronicity is a sign of serendipity. It helps us know we are on the right track to discovering something serendipitous. To the house hunters out there, be patient and keep your eyes open for synchronicity. Your serendipity home will be just around the corner.

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