Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Drops of Serendipity

As I go about my day, I encounter moments of serendipity. Individual moments that are only about 1-2 paragraphs of a story. So I decided to create Drops of Serendipity. Little drops fill buckets too! 

A drop of serendipity:
I listened to a video on YouTube the other day. It had a line I wanted to share with my mom, but I was driving and couldn't send it to her at that moment. Later I couldn't remember the line. When I opened the app and retrieved the video from my history, it was there and showed it partially watched.
I thought that was odd because I know I had finished watching the video. I went ahead and hit play to listen for the line rattling in my mind. The video was cued to where I needed to be already! How serendipitous of YouTube to help me like that...or is it creepy that they knew I'd be back for that one spot in the video?!
Has something like this happened to you? How did it impact you?

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